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In the Cleaning Services Industry, there are different Categories of Cleaning Operations which include and are not limited to Office Cleaning, Home Cleaning, Fumigation Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Window (Glass Cleaning) Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, and Floor Restoration. These different Cleaning Service Operations have different Pricing Model. As a cleaning service provider who understands the situation of the global economy, we diligently ensure that our cleaning services price list is competitively affordable as compared to the price list for cleaning services in Nigeria.

As a professional Cleaning Services Company, we have different Pricing Model for our cleaning services. Topmost among the things we consider when developing our Cleaning Services Cost or Pricing is the Cost of Purchasing the Equipment and the cost of the high-quality Cleaning Materials utilized in providing our cleaning services. We are always transparent in this aspect of our dealing with our clients which make our clients understand our affordability as compared to cleaning services prices in Nigeria. When a client accepts to pay for the cleaning materials for a project, the cost of the cleaning operation for the clients will be reduced with at least a 25% discount.

Below are our Cleaning services operations and their cost of implementation.

The pricing for our cleaning services operations ranges from 80,000 to 250,000. We have specific pricing for Office Cleaning and Home Cleaning services.

Home Cleaning costs 60,000 for the duration of the cleaning which is always one day to two days (deep cleaning).

The cost of our office cleaning services varies according to the size or dimension of the Office. We have different pricing Model for Small and Medium Sized Offices and Large Enterprise offices. The cost for Small and Medium Enterprise Office cleaning is 80,000.

We always review the cost of the project for all of our prospective clients to ensure maximum customer satisfaction is attained.

The cleaning services we provide include;

Office Cleaning
Home Cleaning
Fumigation Cleaning
Window (Glass Cleaning)
Post Construction Cleaning
Floor Restoration
Janitorial Cleaning

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